Alterations & Repairs

We offer a free fitting service if needed (by appointment only). There is a 15% discount with the following special offer code (AR15) for any alterations and repairs costing over £15.


We cover the full range of garments that might need shortening or hem reduction. These include the most popular trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets and coats.


We also offer a tapering service to garments that may need to be made more fitted. This service is most commonly used on narrowing trouser legs, jacket bodies and sleeves as well as waist reductions in skirts and trousers. Waist expansions can also be performed where permitted.

Sleeve shortening

Sleeve shortening (and tapering) is a service commonly asked for. This is to ensure the garment not only fits well but also ensures you look at your absolute best.


This is a service we offer to customers who just can’t throw away a favourite jacket, coat or skirt. As long as the appearance of your garment still looks good why not extend the life of your jacket or coat for another year or two or three.


We offer a fitting service where customers are invited come done and be fitted for the alteration. This is done by appointment only.


We have an onsite Seamstress with over 25yrs of experience.